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RoA Nitrox - Moving on from BPS

Nitrox here, after a long four years, I've come to the decision that I want to go out into the world and start new lines of work with more personal experiences.

Spending countless hours day after day sitting in the same seat surrounded by the same four walls can only be endured for so long, and so I will be seeking out work in retail where I will be able to work directly with new people every single day. Beyond that, I wish to spend more time with the friends in my life who I call family, and can no longer find a satisfying balance between time spent working and time spent with them.

'Anyone' is capable of doing this type of work and 'everyone' is able to be an artist, given enough time. The real question, however, is if you are prepared to sacrifice time spent with the people in your life and any other personal interests. For me, the answer has become no. With all that said, you will still find me casually hanging around in various places of the internet doing as I do.

With a solid 11 years of entertainment work behind me, my time as a full time 3D Animator is officially done.

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