Note: Animator positions are currently being updated.


Black Plasma Studios is a YouTube Minecraft animation channel with over 5,000,000 subscribers.

Visit the channel here!

The majority of our animations have over 500k views, and our Animation Life animation is leading with over 87 million views. We are recruiting individuals to join the team.


Send all applications to

- Title your email with the position you're applying for

          Example: 3D Animator Application

- If you are applying for multiple positions, please send separate emails for each

- Include examples of your work!  

In your email be sure mention how you meet the required skills as well as either link or attach examples of your best work if the position calls for it. Do not simply link your YouTube channel. Also, take a moment to explain why you are interested in the position.


Applications which do not include any examples of your work will not be accepted!

Finally, please include your Discord username so if you are chosen we can add you.


We are always interested in welcoming new members to the Black Plasma Studios team, however this is a very important position. 

We're looking for people who are interested in the channel itself, not simply uploading videos for easy views.

We decided to update this position to make it a bit easier to work towards, as well as be more transparent on what you can expect and what we expect from you. In addition, we have created a video on our Black Plasma Community channel where David talks about this position:


This is the entry level position for becoming an animator. You will remain at this position until creating enough animations where we understand you and your style and can accept you onto the full team.

What we're looking for:

We're looking for animators who love creating Minecraft animations and have a style and subject matter which fits well with Black Plasma Studios. For example: animations for Alex & Steve Adventures, or even something original like Don't Touch or Animation Life.



- Animation experience in Blender.

- Experience creating all aspects of an animation (animation, lighting, sound design, graphics etc.)

- Previous involvement in the BPS community.

What we expect from you:

- High quality animations which fit well with the other animations already on the channel.

- The ability for you to create all aspects of your animations (animating, lighting, sound design, graphics, etc.)

- The animations are of good quality and are well received by our viewers. At least one should be released every 2-3 months.

- You will need to have time to discuss with us occasionally and share work-in-progress drafts of your animations.

- We would like you to include a few of our patrons' skins in your animations where possible, however this is not a requirement.

What you can expect from us:

- Again, we expect the animations to fit well with the channel.

- Because you are creating the entire animation yourself, you will have full creative freedom over your project as long as you are taking into account feedback from the other animators when sharing drafts.

- We will be available to help or answer any technical questions you may have.

- You will also have access to our rendering farm to help render your animations, as well as any of our private assets.

- You will be given the Stage 1 Animator role on our Discord which has permissions to help you communicate with us and join certain lounges.

How you will be paid:

- You will receive 100% of the earnings your animations make in the first 30 days.

Based on previous animations, this could be between $500-$1000+ per animation. 

How to apply:

- Email us in the format mentioned at the top of this page.

- We will need to see a fair amount of your animations, at least 5 minutes worth in total.

- Once you have created or are in the process of creating an animation which you believe would fit well on BPS, we will need to see it, or at least a draft of it, in your application.

- We would also like to hear a bit about yourself, your future plans, and why you are applying for BPS.


After remaining at Stage I until you have created a handful of animations which are accepted, you will move onto becoming a full animator and team member of Black Plasma Studios!


- Have been accepted into Stage I of this position and created consistent high quality animations.

- 15 years of age 

What we expect from you:

- At this point we just expect you to keep being awesome and creating high quality animations which are well received by our viewers.

- We are always open to new ideas and you will be able to discuss with us, however we will continue to expect your animations to be fitting of the channel. 

- Again, animations should be released every 2-3 months, however if you are working on an even larger project we are understanding.

- We would like you to be involved in some of the other aspects of BPS, such as livestreams if/when we do them.

What you can expect from us:

- At this point you're a full team member. We'll give you a lot more freedom and control over your work, and require less drafts.

- You will be able to create additional content on Black Plasma Community.

- BPS Animator role on our Discord and Minecraft server.

- Your channel will be added to the BPS featured channels.

How you will be paid:

- You will receive 100% of the earnings on all of your animations each month as long as you remain working at BPS.

- You will also receive a percentage of our Patreon earnings if you are working on animations with patrons in them. Even a starting cut of 5% is a solid $100/month at this time.

How to apply:

- There is no application for Stage II. We will be talking often during your Stage I time and letting you know when you're closer to joining the team.

We hope these changes make it easier to achieve into this position. We understand not everyone can just jump in and make animations full-time right away, and you may not know how you like working for Black Plasma Studios. With this approach, hopefully we can allow people the opportunity to try things first.


Common Questions:


Will I be paid?

Most of our positions are simply volunteer positions, unless stated otherwise (such as animator.)

When will you check applications?

We check our business email almost daily, although we may wait a few days then process many applications at once.


Will I receive a reply to my application?

Due to the high amount of applications, we do not respond to denied applicants. Be sure to follow instructions when applying!

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