What software do you use for your animations?


We all animate using Blender, but we edit our videos using Sony Vegas Pro. Visual Effects are sometimes produced using Adobe After Effects and we use Audacity to record our voices.


How can I have my skin in your animations?


You can have your skin featured by becoming a Emerald donor on our Patreon page. You can view the Patreon here:


Can you make a Minecraft animation tutorial?


Yes! We have a Minecraft animation tutorial on our channel which we've recently updated! You can check it out here:


Face reveal?


Yes! We revealed our faces when we hit 1 million subscribers. You can check it out on twitter via this link:


Will you animate for other servers besides Hypixel?


Yes, we already have animations for other servers like Mineplex and Party Zone, and we plan to create more in the future.


Will you animate in other games besides Minecraft?

Yes, but our main content will primarily be created using Minecraft. Nitrox has a series planned for the game Mech Warrior Online.


How was Black Plasma Studios formed?


Arbiter created the channel in 2008 to upload Halo montages before he moved onto creating Halo machinima. This involved using the Halo game engine to tell cinematic stories like Rise of the Spartans. In 2015, he recruited other members to the channel to boost productivity.


What happened to Halo machinima?


We wanted to create content that wasn’t restricted to the features of a video game where we had to rely on what the developers added to the game. After feeling dissatisfied with the newer Halo titles, we decided to drop the medium and move onto a more creative platform.

I subscribed for large-scale storytelling, not Minecraft shorts, what happened?


Songs of War has got you covered! Be sure to check out the series here:


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