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Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use for your animations?


We all animate using Blender, but we edit our videos using Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Visual Effects are sometimes produced using Adobe After Effects and we use Audacity to record our voices.

What sounds and music do you use?


We use music from Epidemic Sound, AfterInfinity and Kevin MacLeod among others. We primarily get our sound effects from Epidemic Sound.

I have an idea for an animation, can you make it?


We don't take idea requests. Generally we like to tell stories of our own.


How can I have my skin in your animations?


You can have your skin featured by becoming an Emerald donor or higher on our Patreon page. You can view the Patreon here:


Can you make a Minecraft animation tutorial?


We have a Minecraft animation tutorial for Blender 2.79 on our channel! You can check it out here:

How was Black Plasma Studios formed?


David created the channel in 2008 to upload Halo montages before he moved onto creating Halo machinima. This involved using the Halo game engine to tell cinematic stories like Rise of the Spartans. In 2015, he recruited other members to the channel to boost productivity and switched to Minecraft animation.

Can you create Songs of War Season 2?


Songs of War was cancelled in June, 2020. Details on the cancellation can be found here:

My video has been claimed by CollabDRM! What can I do?


If you have made reactions of our videos or other transformative content, please let us know by email ( and we'll ask them to remove the claim.

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