What is Patreon?

How It Works

Patreon is a way for fans of our work to support the creation of our animations. By pledging, you will be paying a monthly subscription to help support our channel, as well as receive all the rewards listed in your Tier! You can cancel at any time, upgrade or downgrade your pledge, or return as a Patron at a later date.

Earn Rewards

In addition to helping support the animators at Black Plasma Studios, you will receive rewards such as the ability to watch our animations early, your name in the credits, or even your skin in the animations themselves! Check out all the rewards in the Tiers column on the Patreon page.

Support Us

The most important purpose of the Patreon is to help support the animators so they can create animations full-time! If it were not for the Patreon, many of us would only be creating animations in our spare time, and the amount of animations we release would decrease greatly. If you love our videos, please consider supporting us by pledging!

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