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We just released our seventh Minecraft Animation Collab: ZOMBIE! You can check it out above if you haven't already.

The next collab has now begun. The theme: TROLLING

Create a short animation no longer than 10 seconds which involves TROLLING.

Resolution: 1280x720 minimum

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

FPS: 30.0 (not 29.97)

Runtime: 10 seconds (300 frames) maximum

Sound: Add sound effects, but no music

Submit your entry to our email at:

For your email:

1) Title the email something involving "TROLLING Collab"

2) Include a YouTube link to your entry.

3) Provide a download link (Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox) to the raw video file.

4) Make sure the video file is named as the name you want to be credited as!

Deadline: June 30th

Additional Guidelines:

No watermarks on the video please (no advertising).

No super-loud or "ear-rape" sounds.

Do not use an empty "flat land" set.

Make sure your scene has enough light, don't make it too dark!

Keep things appropriate.

Failure to follow any of the above instructions and guidelines may result in DISQUALIFICATION!

Thanks everyone for reading, we hope to see your entries next collab!

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