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Animation Collabs!

Hey everyone!

If you haven't already seen, we released out first Animation Collab, FISH!

We allowed any fans and friends to create a short 10-second animation segment involving a fish and then put all the segments together into one long video. You can check it out here:

Talking to those who entered the collab, they had a lot of fun, learned new things, and even met some other creators!

If you are interested in the idea of an animation collab, our second Minecraft animation collab has recently begun! You can hear all about it in the community roundup:

No entry is too bad, or too simple. As long as you follow the guidelines and your files aren't messed up or anything, your segment will be a part of the next collab! We hope to see yours in it :)

Thanks everyone who's been watching and staying up to date with Black Plasma Studios, be sure to subscribe to our Community channel for more frequent updates!

- Arbiter 617

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