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Black Plasma Halloween Render Challenge Winners!

Hey everyone!

If you hadn't heard, we held our first ever Black Plasma Community Minecraft render challenge! Anyone was allowed to enter using any software they preferred, and was asked to create a render under the theme "BPS Team on Halloween"

We were amazed at receiving 60 entries! We hope everyone enjoyed creating them. As a reminder, the goal was to engage the community on a similar project and to encourage people to create Minecraft renders. Regardless of if you were listed for any rewards, we thank everyone for entering. There were many creative renders that didn't get listed here, and we honestly enjoyed seeing them all.

You can view the entire album of all entries at this link:

Let us know if you enjoyed this challenge and would like to see more render challenges!

Best Overall: PixelFrosty

Best Story: ImpossibleZ

Scariest: TheMCMaster132

Most Adorable: Wyldcat15

Best Effects: Niestrat

Best Memes: Gaming Demon

Honorable Mention: Erodo

Honorable Mention: Isacx

Honorable Mention: thodoris254

Honorable Mention: Woodplank

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