BPS Merchandise Is Back!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that our new merchandise store is finally here. Link below.


It took some time for us to set this up, acquiring high resolution images of old designs, creating brand new designs and deciding on what new products to feature on the store.

What new products do you have?

Along with previous products like shirts, hoodies, mugs etc. we have added a bunch of new ones as well! These include pillows, phone cases, notebooks, scarves, clocks, stickers and many more. We even have a BPS wallpaper for you to hang in your room!

Why did you move from Teespring?

The BPS Team along with fans of our work all reported multiple issues with their Teespring orders. This included orders not showing up, orders taking more than two months to arrive, product products being shipped etc. We felt it was time to find a new site to sell our merch from.

Will there be more products in the future?

Definitely! We have a few ideas for some new wallpaper designs and if people want a current design on a different product, we can easily add that product to the design.

Let us know if you have any problems or concerns about the quality of the merchandise. Thank you again everyone for being great fans and be sure to tweet to @BlackPlasmaYT with pictures of you with your new merch!

- The BPS Team