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BPG Server Cosmetic Update!

Hey everyone, the Black Plasma Gaming Minecraft Server has just received a major cosmetic update!

This update was designed primarily to reward to lower level Patron levels (Coal, Redstone, and Iron), however we are also making many of these cosmetics exclusive for completing certain achievements.

Read on to learn more!



You can use either the command /cosmetics or /gmenu main to open the gadgets menu.

The cosmetics are currently only available to patrons, but we are working to have them unlockable in-game as soon as possible. Patrons do not get all of the cosmetics under a certain type (for example, not all pets are unlocked for redstone+, not all morphs are unlocked for iron+).

Every cosmetic which is unlocked by becoming a patron will soon be available either for purchase via in-game money, or stardust. They will be priced very highly however, as these will serve as somewhat of an end-game item for players to work towards. Mystery dust and mystery boxes are not being used! You can ignore it.

There are many cosmetics which are not available to patrons, nor will be purchasable with money/stardust. These will be unlocked by completing certain dungeons, performing difficult dungeon achievements, unlocked as event rewards, or given out for specific purposes. The idea behind this is that we don't want to make all cosmetics "buyable." Some cosmetics should hold a degree of skill-value, for instance if you see someone with a specific particle effect over their head, you know they worked hard to complete a difficult achievement.

Below you can learn how to get many of the cosmetics immediately by becoming a Patron. If you would like to pledge and become a Patron, check out the page here:


- Hats: Type /hat on any block or item in your hand to place it on your head! - Sign Colors: You can use color codes and formatting on signs to catch the eye.

- Inspection Wand: Use /co inspect to create an inspection wand in your hand. This can be used to figure out which players have interacted with chests, blocks, and more. This allows all Patrons to check if they are being stolen from, and by who, without the need to first contact a moderator. It also allows Patrons to serve as mini-mods in helping other players. Use /co inspect again to disable.


- All of the above!

- Pets: In the cosmetics menu, you have access to a vast majority of pets! In the bottom right of the pet page you can click the nametag in order to name your pet.


- All of the above!

- Morphs: Transform yourself into one of the many creatures of Minecraft. We currently have the morph skill deactivated as some were quite dangerous to other players, so the slime item has been known to be a bit glitchy. Activating a morph does not prevent mobs from attacking you!


- All of the above!

- Particles: Choose between many particle effects which appear and circle above your head!


- All of the above!

- Cloaks: Reserved for the highest of donors, we have cloaks! Cloaks are similar to particles but are much larger and form specific shapes and patterns, such as wings, fire trails, and more!

Thanks everyone for playing the server, whether you're able to pledge or not!

Let us know if you have any problems, glitches, or concerns about the cosmetics in the Discord #bp-server chat.

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