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BPG Server Update & Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, Marc_Samus here, Gamemaster of the Black Plasma Gaming Server, and we are proud to announce that the server is receiving a reboot early July! With Minecraft 1.12 having been released, and a revitalized plan for the server, we are getting ready to restart. We’re going to make it bigger… better… grander, and much more epic, to say the least. If you’d like to know more about both the changes to the current server as well as plans for the new, read on!


1.12 Update

We are saving the 1.12 update for the reset! We attempted to update Spigot on the current world but it broke a lot of plugins. You'll have to wait for the new world to collect those parrots!

New Server Host

The BPG server is currently still on the old host, however we will be moving to a new host after the reset. We are planning to have a custom IP (no more .beastmc), more player spaces, less glitches, less lag, and MOAR POWAH. This will allow us to manage the server much easier, and make updates more frequently!

The World of Avalon

With a new server, comes a new world! Now that we’ll be running on Minecraft 1.12, we’re going to generate a brand new world, meaning everyone will be starting from scratch again. We’ll even be watching for who manages to kill the Enderdragon first… perhaps with a special prize on the line.

Don’t worry though! If you played on the old world and you’re upset about losing all your progress, we have something for you players who have been playing the old server…

Stardust Tokens

Starting today, we will be implementing a brand new feature to the current server called Stardust! These are a unique currency that looks like Glowstone Dust that is acquired from dungeons and events. This currency will be possible to exchange on the new server for some gear to help you get started in the new world. While the advantages won’t be too large, they’ll provide a nice little bonus for those who participated in the final weeks of the old server…

Stronger Economy

On the new server, we’re planning to make the economy much more interesting and player-driven this time. Players will gain much less money from killing monsters now, and are encouraged to buy and sell more often, and to play dungeons for the money offered there. This raises the value of money, making it a more prominent feature in the gameplay.

We are also looking into new and unique items, cosmetics, and rewards for players to buy to give money value beyond merely buying town plots.

Revamped Dungeons

Despite the success of dungeons on the old server, a lot of problems were brought to our attention that we would like to fix. Dungeons were a unique and very fun feature on the old server, and we’ll be bringing them back, but in the future they’ll be done differently so they’ll be easier to enjoy and far less buggy. We have identified the exact cause of the bug causing players to lose their inventory, and have now fixed it on all current dungeons and will ensure that problem never occurs on any future dungeon!

Story-Driven Dungeons and Events

With a more powerful server, and a new build team, we’ll be going out of our way to bring to everyone more events and dungeons that revolve around a story… perhaps you must defend a local settlement from a zombie invasion, or could there be a villager that needs protecting as he researches an ancient civilization...? Screams echo from the depths of the mines below… ominous storm clouds form on the horizon… all these things and more you, the players, can be the heroes of! For those that participate and complete these events and dungeons, rewards will be had… and perhaps greater challenges unlocked.

Speaking of events… we will be having a very special and very challenging event happening shortly before the server reset! Gather your friends, prepare your best gear… brew up potions, craft some golden apples and prepare for battle, because this’ll be the greatest challenge you all will have ever faced on the server!


Well everyone I think that about does it. Please note that the changes described here are not final, and there’ll very likely be some other features added to the new server. We will be taking in feedback, suggestions, and requests from players before the new server, and will present you a fresh announcement when the new server goes live outlining exactly what new features will be in the new server.

Until then, start collecting Stardust everyone! After all… we’re not just going to let the old server fizzle out quietly. Why end with a whimper when you can end with a bang? Stay tuned, for there may still be one last hurrah from this old world!

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