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New BPS Merchandise Store!

The new Black Plasma Studios merchandise store is live!

IMPORTANT: Please ignore the timers on each product. They will say the product only has a specific lifecycle but that is FALSE. The items are set to continuously renew every time so they will stay online PERMANENTLY.

Thank you everyone who submitted artwork for the Artists Wanted competition. We received a great amount of artwork, many of which was awesome but simply didn't work well with merchandise. We saved a lot of those and may use them for future gameplay thumbnails or other purposes.


01NyaChan -

Yujuki -

Gloria Meng

You are now able to buy products. The prices are a bit lower than our old Spreadshirt store, and we have much more to choose from!

Let us know if you have any problems or concerns about the quality of the merchandise.

Thank you again everyone for being great fans and be sure to tweet to @BlackPlasmaYT with pictures of you with your new merch!

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