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BPG Server Update - Nether PVP & More!

After popular request, we have updated the Black Plasma Gaming server to address multiple concerns! Please read carefully to learn about the new updates and rules

PvP Enabled in Nether

We held a poll to see where players wanted PvP, or if at all, and the winning vote was for PvP to be enabled in the Nether with a 38-17 lead.

If you are near spawn and travel through a nether portal, or use the new "/warp nether", you will appear in a safezone. Leaving this safezone will enter the wilderness of the Nether and PvP is enabled. Enter at your own risk now!

New Rule Board

We have updated the rules signs at spawn to include more specific information as well as a warning about PvP in the Nether. You can visit these rules at any time by using "/warp newbies"

In addition to this, we updated the server such that new players spawn in the rule board area and thus the rules are more forced upon new players. Breaking rules from this point onward will result in more serious punishment however!

Combatlog Added

Due to PvP becoming a viable gameplay option for the server now utilizing the Nether, we added the Combatlog plugin to prevent players from teleporting out of combat!

Warp Cooldowns Removed

As a result of the above combat log, we were able to remove the delay/cooldown on warps. I'm sure players will be happy to teleport home instantly now :)

Admin Shop Additions

We have added a few more items/blocks to the admin shop, and will continue to increase it in the coming weeks.

Recruiting New Moderators

We are recruiting a few more moderators to help assist players in need. This should reduce the time players have to wait before their problems are dealt with. We're also hoping they may be able to host mini-events during the week such as spleef, musical chairs, races, and more!

Future Plans

Beyond this, we are currently looking into a few other plugins to spice up the server, such as Mythic Mobs to add more challenging mobs. We are also trying to find a way to reduce the server size.

As for streams, we was very happy with how Survival X turned out, and will be working towards setting Survival X up as the new series, complete with weekly rewards, champions, and more!

Thanks everyone for playing, let us know if you have any questions or concerns in our Discord!

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