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Black Plasma Gaming Server 2.0

The Black Plasma Gaming server is back online!

We have updated to Minecraft 1.11, switched to a vanilla Minecraft world seed, and updated Towny prices to make towns more affordable!

As before, the server is towny survival game, non-pvp, and primarily focused on allowing friends and fans to socialize and build together. Be sure to join our Discord so you can chat with everyone in and out of the game.


The server no longer has a whitelist, you should be able to join now!

If you were previously banned on the old server, also include a statement about why you were banned last time and we will consider giving you a second chance.

Server IP:



=== Towny ===

- We lowered the price of creating a town from $2000 down to $200.

> Use "/town create name" with the name of your town to create a town.

> If you do not have a town, you will not be protected from stealing/griefing!

- The price of new town plots has been lowered.

- The amount of town land available per resident has been increased from 8 to 16.

=== Shop ===

- The player and admin shops have been moved.

> Use "/warp shop" to get to the new shop.

- Search "Minecraft Essentials Sign Shops" for more information on creating sign shops.

=== LWC ===

- The LWC chest protection plugin was removed. See Towny for protecting your gear.

=== World Border ===

- The world border is set to 5,500 blocks in every direction.

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