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Join Our Discord Server!

Hey everyone!

We're pleased to share with you our official Discord server. This is your best way of communicating with us and other BPS community members.

You can join the server here:


Why not use Skype?

We all use Skype for personal communication, but recently the app has been crashing and freezing far too many times. Discord allows you to type and speak through different channels similar to TeamSpeak, but also allows the use of a Rank system, meaning only certain individuals can join certain channels.

What else can you do?

Since the website doesn't receive as much traffic as our Discord does, we decided to move over any community creations and topical threads as well. This means instead of sharing your work on our forums, you would do so in the Creations text channel on Discord.

Why not keep the forums/chat box on the website anyway?

We decided it doesn't make much sense to direct people to two different places for community interaction. Discord is ultimately the better platform, so we direct people there, preventing the community from being divided.


Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you on Discord!

- Sam Small

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