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COMMUNITY ROUNDUP • January 2019 (#1)


Hey everyone! Thomas here with the first Community Roundup of 2019, as well as the first Roundup over here on the website! Let's get started!

As a few of you know, last year Arby started doing the Community Roundups on Black Plasma Community. He did them for all of 2018 until stopping in December so he could focus on Songs Of War full time without having to stop to do smaller projects like the Roundup. However, these Roundups were great as we were able to host many community events such as the Render Challenges, Build Challenges, Animation Collabs as well as showcasing community submitted videos, renders and art! We were also able to keep the larger audience updated on positions at BPS, general BPS related news as well as host monthly Q&A sessions.

When Arby told us he was going to stop making them, he asked if any of us (BPS Animators) would want to continue them or re-work them. At first none of us seemed interested and didn't want to lose time which they could spend on animating instead. However, recently I've been itching to try something new and decided to continue the roundups on the website as monthly blog posts.

So here we are! Here's a roundup of everything that happened during the month of January!


ANIMATION LIVESTREAMS In case you were unaware, we recently started livestreaming our animation over on Black Plasma Community. So far, Sam has streamed himself building his new office for his next animation, and I've streamed animating the parachute scene in Battle Royale 2. We're hoping to do these streams on a regular basis.

Here's the current schedule:

Hopefully in the future more animators are able to stream as well.



If you didn't know, we're still running the Animation Collabs! The theme this time is TNT. Create a short animation no longer than 10 seconds which involves the use of TNT. The deadline for this collab is February 24th. Not long to go you might say, however we did announce this collab on our website back in January.

  • Resolution: 1280x720 minimum

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9FPS: 30.0 (not 29.97)

  • Runtime: 10 seconds (300 frames) maximum

  • Sound: Add sound effects, but no music

Submit your entry to our email at:

  • Title the email something involving "TNT Collab"

  • Include a YouTube link to your entryProvide a download link (Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox) to the raw video file.

  • Make sure the video file is named as the name you want to be credited as!

Additional Guidelines:

  • No watermarks on the video please.

  • No super-loud or "ear-rape" sounds.

  • Do not use an empty "flat land" set.

  • Make sure your scene has enough light, don't make it too dark!

  • Keep things appropriate.

As before, all submissions will be compiled into a video on Black Plasma Community.



For Community Creations, I will be showcasing any BPS related creations. These were posted in #creations over on Discord. throughout January. If I missed anyone's work, make sure to tag me! @LittleThomasKid#0001

I think that wraps up January. Sorry this was posted so late into February. All future Roundups will be posted on the first of every month. See you at the end of the month for the February Roundup!

- LittleThomasKid

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