COMMUNITY ROUNDUP • February 2019 (#2)


Hey everyone! Thomas here with the second Community Roundup of 2019! This time on the correct day! Before we get started, our very own Arbiter 617, and BPG Content Creator Toriable celebrated their Birthdays in February. Now this would be a cause for celebration, but that would mean less time spent on working and more time doing.... other things. Awful I know. Happy Birthday, now back to work, slaves! Now onto new releases.


On Black Plasma Studios, February saw the release of Valley of Darkness: FULL MOVIE, animated by Skyfall, a full Minecraft animated movie which includes Treasure Trails, Valley of the Dead, The Rising Darkness, and Sword of Infinity! Check it out down below if you haven't already!

Starting this month, I'll also be covering new video releases over on Black Plasma Gaming! In February, several new videos were released:

Bloopers and Cut Footage #2 by Dr1fterX

Minecraft Phantoms Are Evil!!!! by Wyldcat15 and Skyfall



The Community Games Streams also continue and happen every Saturday hosted by Dr1fterX.

February also saw the start of the animation livestreams on Black Plasma Community. We hope you've enjoyed them so far, check out the full playlist here. Unfortunately, Sam is unable to continue streaming for a while, and Nitrox isn't ready to begin his streams. I don't want to be the only one doing streams so there may be a hiatus of work streams for a while until more animators are able to continue them. You can still catch work streams over on our personal channels when possible.


For Community Creations, I will be showcasing any BPS related creations posted on our Discord throughout February! If I missed your work make sure to tag me when you post! @LittleThomasKid#0001

I think that's everything. A little shorter than last weeks but now that the Collab is over there's not much going on. Stay tuned for a future post talking about future collabs very soon. Otherwise, I'll SEE you in March!

- LittleThomasKid

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