Songs of War - Season 1 Casting

As of November 13th, Casting is now CLOSED!


Please do not attempt to audition anymore, as all further auditions will not be reviewed.

Thank you so much everyone who auditioned for a part or sent us a demo reel! We were overwhelmed by how many applications we received- over 650 emails and another 400 entries on Casting Call Club. 

We will try to respond to all emails in the next day or so letting you know your audition was received as well as what happens next. Please be patient as I try to get through everyone quickly but also carefully!

Thanks again,

Arbiter 617


Hey everyone! Arbiter 617 here casting for our upcoming fantasy Minecraft animation series: Songs of War!


I'm the creator of the YouTube channel Black Plasma Studios, which currently has over 1,200,000 subscribers. Most of our animations receive over a million views in the opening month. 

Songs of War is a medieval fantasy animation series set in an original universe, following a few story arcs which are all interconnected. The primary focus is on mystical objects known as "Songs," which the Ardoni species can harness to wield great powers. The series is three seasons in total, with 10 episodes per season. 

We're currently looking for talented voice actors to portray the many characters in Songs of War. Ideally, we'd like to find actors who are genuinely interested in the series, the characters, and our channel in general.

You will be paid for the majority of characters listed below, with the amount you'll be paid marked in green.

If you are interested in this project but unable or uninterested in voice acting, please share this page with anyone you know who might be interested in auditioning! That would help greatly :)


Before auditioning, please possess the following requirements:

1) Experience or talent in voice acting.

2) Clean recording quality! No audible pops, static, background noise, or room echo!

3) Ability to perform serious, cinematic, and potentially emotional acting.

4) Interest in the project and characters.

5) Ability to raise voice or yell if character requires it and still retain high quality.

Casting ends the night of November 12th! Get your audition in before then! 

When going through auditions, it is highly likely that we will have more than one great audition for one character, and none for another. Because of this, it is highly likely that we may accept you but request you voice a character other than who you auditioned for. If you do not want to be moved onto a character lower-paying than what you audition for, be sure to mention in your email as explained below.

After being given a role, I will talk to you a bit more about your character in whichever way is most convenient for you, whether it is over email, direct messages, or even voice. You will be given an updated and more complete character bio as well. Finally, you will be given a condensed script which includes all of your character's lines for all three seasons (if your character is present in multiple.) Before reading the entire script, I would like to hear a few small samples of the character to really ensure you have the correct voice and setup before recording the entire thing. There is also a chance that some lines will need to be re-recorded if there was a mistake or problem.


1) Choose one or more characters you are interested in from the list below.

2) Read their information and backstory to get a feel for the character.

3) Record the demo lines marked in blue text. In bold above is some context. Multiple takes of each line preferred.

4) If you are auditioning for multiple characters, please record each in a separate audio file.

5) Name the audio file(s) "Your Name - Character Name" File type should be either .mp3 or .wav

        Example: "Arbiter 617 - Thalleous"


6) Send an email to with your audio attached or linked as a download. Title the email "Your Name - Character Name Audition" or use "Multiple" as the Character Name if you are auditioning for multiple characters.

        Example: "Arbiter 617 - Hawken Audition"

        Example: "Arbiter 617 - Multiple Auditions"

7) In the email be sure to include: Why you are interested in the role, a brief summary of your voice acting experience, whether or not you are willing to voice an unpaid character if you do not receive the role you audition for, and how you found out about this audition.



If you are overwhelmed by the amount of characters, pressed for time, or simply unsure who to audition for, you can provide a voice demo reel, as well as some information on what type of role you'd like to play and whether you're doing only paid roles or also unpaid. I can give you suggestions and narrow down your options if I feel your voice may fit a character. Please attach the demo reel as .wav or .mp3.





Humans: For all the humans, I'm fairly open with styles, accents, tones, and voices. As long as it fits the character bio, isn't too cartoony, and is understandable, feel free to give it your own take.

Felina: This species is very similar to humans, however physically have a few traits with either wolves or cats (depending on male or female.) These voices will most likely be a bit softer and smoother. Lore-wise, the Felina occupy the "elf" role in the fantasy.

Ardoni: Arguably the most important species in the series, the Ardoni are the only species which can wield the powerful Songs. They were written with a bit more Shakespearean approach, having elevated vocabulary and using more ancient sentence structure at times. The older Ardoni tend to speak more calm and calculated, and you'll notice they lack contractions, whereas the younger Ardoni are not yet fully educated and still speak with contractions and sometimes a bit of slang. For the older males, I certainly prefer deeper voices here.

Magnorite: Normally most Magnorites have very deep and intimidating voices, however the one Magnorite being casted now happens to be quite the opposite as far as personality. Somewhat of a rough voice would be interesting. 


Thank you everyone for reading, I'm looking forward to hearing auditions!

If you have any questions, you can email me at, with the title "Songs of War Casting Question." If you're active on Discord, you can join our Discord server and ask questions in #voice-auditions:


A note about prices: I understand the payments are a bit low. Previously all of our casting has been volunteer-only, but I don't mind paying for your talented work. However, with around 70 characters in the series and a 450 page script, I can't afford to pay all full price. Also, I do not want to attract actors who are looking to make a quick buck and aren't interested in the project itself. If you are very interested in the project, talented, and have a lot of experience, I am willing to negotiate the price a bit.

Name: Thalleous Sendaris

Species: Ardoni

Gender: Male

Age: Early 200’s (Late middle-age)

Personality: Serious. Mysterious. Clever. Solitary. “Cool uncle” to Ardoni youth.

Motivations: To find and destroy the Voltaris clan. Prepare for the future.

You will be paid $50

Lines: 199

Backstory: Fought in the Great War as a young adult many years ago- even fought alongside the legendary Tidesinger. Since the war ended he has been hunting down remaining Voltaris. He also travels frequently between the Ardoni provinces and tells stories to the youth as well as brings them gifts.

Narrating history of the world.

From within the fires of the Nether realm, an army set out to conquer the Overworld. They vanquished the kingdoms and people of Ardonia as they spread across the land. *pause* But they were not to remain unchallenged…


Encouraging two young Ardoni to wield Songs (sources of power for Ardoni.)

In the old days it was common for Ardoni of your age to wield Songs. It is our unique ability to harness their power… to deny their usage is to deny the very thing that makes us Ardoni.


Reminiscing, going from bitterness to sadness.

I have not seen him in many years. Galadar and I never… agreed on much, but despite our differences… I am going to miss him.

Name: Hawken

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Middle-to-late age

Personality: Eccentric. Passionate. Passive. Curious. Impatient.

Motivations: Assist Thalleous in investigating Voltaris return.

You will be paid $15

Lines: 14

Backstory: Hawken is a historian by nature, but believes the official Chroniclers have too strict guidelines which prevent them from truly exploring and discovering. He recently discovered some writings which reveal a possibility that an ancient and dangerous Ardoni clan, the Voltaris, may be returning.

Responding to a question from Thalleous.

Indubitably! I’m aware you’ve been hunting Voltaris ever since the Great War ended, so I brought you here to inform you of this lead.


Yelling at villain, remaining confident.

Yeah yeah, we’re not afraid of you! Thalleous can take on all seven of you! *quietly* Right Thalleous?

Name: Senn

Species: Ardoni

Gender: Male

Age: Late teen - young adult

Personality: Kind. Humble. Reserved. Hesitant. Sentimental.

Motivations: Find his purpose and place. Discover heritage. Protect those closest to him.

You will be paid $60

Lines: 269

Backstory: Unknown heritage. Raised as an orphan by a Sendaris family. Grew up as a good friend of Ria’s. Has never left his home province of Sendaria.

Introducing his sword to some new friends.

Well… my sword doesn’t have any history yet. It’s not diamond or enchanted… but I made it myself.


Threatening an enemy who is a few dozen feet away.

You and the rest of the Kaltaris… you’re all just pawns of the Overlord. In the end, you’re nothing without them.


Yelling over snowstorm.

The town is abandoned! The Kaltaris must have come for them already.


Exhausted and sad, but trying to go on.

We have to keep going- we need to get help…

Name: Ria Sendaris

Species: Ardoni

Gender: Female

Age: Late teen - young adult

Personality: Determined. Rebellious. Brave. Stubborn. Impulsive.

Motivations: Uphold clan responsibilities while finding opportunity for adventure.

You will be paid $60

Lines: 162

Backstory: Daughter of Osivian Sendaris. One of few Ardoni females, which causes other Ardoni to hold her in high regard but also place higher restrictions. Grew up as a good friend of Senn’s because he’s one of the few who likes her for who she is and not just her status.

Providing opinion on joining a battle.

Many more people will die if I don’t join them in battle. I founded the Unyielding Legion to fight for those who couldn't- I won’t stop fighting now.


Giving orders, voice somewhat raised.

You four, circle around from the right side and hit them from behind. I’ll run ahead and halt their advance.


Emotional, taking personal responsibility for failure.

Our attack failed- it was chaos. I should have expected more Nether forces to arrive… many of our knights died because of my mistake.


Raising voice in frustration.

Cowards! I knew we couldn’t rely on them.

Name: Lucan

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 20’s

Personality: Witty. Unlawful. Stubborn. Attention-seeking. Protective. Charming.

Motivations: Trying to live a life despite his conflicts with society. Assist Niika with investigation of the Necromancer group.

You will be paid $60

Lines: 181

Backstory: Has lived his life on the edge of society. Between short-time work and the occasional harmless thieving he has managed to survive. He tends to get in fights occasionally, but rarely uses weapons. Currently he is being released from prison and being assigned to mining duty.

Trying to get out of being assigned a dangerous mission.

I’m feeling much safer here in jail actually. Say… what about road repair duty? Or home animal domestication?


In a hurry, trying to convince superior.

Listen- I don’t have time to argue about what rules I’ve broken or what sort of trouble I’m in! The Necromancers aren’t attacking here, they’re heading straight to Ferndale!


Saddened, unable to join friend due to loss of another.

I can’t, not until I get her back. If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to kill me… which I’d prefer if you didn’t.

Name: Niika

Species: Felina

Gender: Female

Age: 20’s

Personality: Solitary. Determined. Snappy. Serious. Resourceful.

Motivations: Hunt and destroy the Necromancers. Remain solo.

You will be paid $60

Lines: 127

Backstory: A solitary Felina from the jungle kingdom of Felden who has been hunting a Necromancer group for a few years. Much of her history remains a mystery.

Annoyed at being mistaken as a Necromancer.

I’m not a Necromancer you idiot, I’m hunting them!


Hopeful after a defeat.

Sure, the Unyielding Legion failed to retake Felden… but it wasn’t their fight- it wasn’t their home. They don’t know the place or the people who live there.


Playfully speaking to Lucan.

Funny, how all of your old friends seem to be law enforcement personnel.

Name: Kiyoshi

Species: Felina

Gender: Male

Age: Young adult

Personality: Relentless. Cold. Loyal. Fair. Good leader.

Motivations: Protect kingdom of Felden. Duty to kingdom and family.

You will be paid $30

Lines: 59

Backstory: Born from a wealthy and notable family, Kiyoshi is the third in his family to be promoted to Captain of the Guard for Felden. He must live up to the reputation set out before him and continue to protect the kingdom of Felden against the rising dangers.

Talking to a friend about the pressure he faces.

If the Necromancers beat us here at Ferndale, I’ll be the first Captain who allowed our capital city to fall under siege. I cannot and will not let that happen.


Giving orders during a battle!

Go back the way we came! Get to the forest floor and leave the city!


Annoyed at Lucan’s criticism.

Well most enemies don’t travel underground with an army of undead, do they Lucan?

Name: Abbigail

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: Late teen – young adult

Personality: Adventure-seeking. Generous. Hopeful.

Motivations: Discover the world. Overcome inexperience. Reclaim stolen dragon stone.

You will be paid $60

Lines: 199

Backstory: Abbigail’s parents died when she was young. Her neighbor, Mr. Finch, raised her but kept her mostly sheltered on the farm. Because of this, she’s always desired to leave her farm and see the world.

Being understanding with a newly found friend.

I understand how you’re feeling. Not so long ago I was a farmer myself before setting out on this quest.


Rebellious against Mr. Finch, determined to do what is right.

I’m not a farmer! I’m going after that stone. If we try to alert Etherea it will be too late, but Sam and I can track them while their trail is fresh.


Comforting a friend after both have suffered defeat.

Neither of us were the heroes we expected to be… but that doesn’t mean we can’t still fight for what we believe in. We aren’t born as leaders, we have to earn that right.


Nearly on the verge of tears at the loss of a close friend.

Tom? Come on Tom, don’t leave me… don’t leave… please…

Name: Jalkar

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Middle-aged

Personality: Greedy. Selfish. Clever. Impatient. Mean.

Motivations: Greed. Status in his mercenary group. Completing missions.

You will be paid $20

Lines: 45

Backstory: Part of a dangerous mercenary group, Jalkar was hired by someone unknown to steal and deliver a dragon stone. He is currently working alongside his partner, Grim, who owes Jalkar a debt.

Eyeing the prize of his mission.

There it is Grim. If we pull this off I’m about to become a very wealthy man.


Sees an enemy catching up to him; angry with partner.

Oh not this guy again! I told you we got lost in those woods on the way out! Some shortcut you had…

Name: Hubris Nestoris

Species: Ardoni

Gender: Male

Age: Young adult

Personality: Rash. Suspicious. Smug. Tempered. Brave. Thinks highly of himself.

Motivations: Stopping the Voltaris and Nether. Strengthening Knights of Ardonia. Creating a memorable legacy worthy of the Nestoris clan.

You will be paid $30

Lines: 99

Backstory: Hailing from the Nestoris clan, Hubris has always thought highly of himself. He ran away from his province to seek out action and to perform deeds to help shape a memorable legacy. He ends up being the first member to join the Unyielding Legion and helps recruit and organize the group. He’s been a long-time friend of Grek, but dislikes his jokes and light approach to life.

Casually and persuasively recruiting new members.

I am recruiting for a new resistance group known as the Unyielding Legion. We could certainly use a Magnorite in our ranks.


Annoyed at his friend’s useless suggestions.

They’re skeletons Grek! They don’t have any weak spots!


Yelling over a blizzard in battle.

Fall back to the coast! The ocean will protect our backs!

Name: Tygren Voltaris

Species: Ardoni

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Personality: Aggressive. Bitter and angry. Somewhat maniacal. Insulting. Calculating. Loyal to Voltaris.

Motivations: Revenge for the past wrongs inflicted upon the Voltaris. Loyalty to superiors.

You will be paid $20

Lines: 26

Backstory: Tygren is a mysterious character who appears to be planning something with the few surviving Voltaris clan members.

Mocking one of his many enemies.

You travelled all this way for us… I’m flattered. However, you should have come better prepared.


Angry at his enemy, who he attacks after saying this.

Your sword has slain many of my brothers, and once I kill you I will take it and slay twice as many of yours!

Name: Igneous

Species: Magnorite

Gender: Male

Age: Late teens

Personality: Loveable. Naïve. Brave. Chatty. Kind. Gullible.

Motivations: Learning as much as he can in his short life. Finding friends.

You will be paid $30

Lines: 91

Backstory: A middle-age traveling Magnorite. Despite everyone’s expectations, he has a sweet personality and is willing to go above and beyond for his friends, as few as they are. He’s an avid reader. Smaller than the average Magnorite and very passive.

Interrupted while reading a book.

Oh hello there! I hope you don’t mind if I read here.


Explaining his history to a friend.

I was born somewhere in the Northern regions, outside of the Kingdoms. I wasn’t raised around Magnorites, and thus never developed their more aggressive tendencies.

Name: Sulliman

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Personality: Rude. Greedy. Clever. Cunning.

Motivations: Wealth and power. Survival.

You will be paid $15

Lines: 22

Backstory: Runs a black market potion shop which gives him great wealth. Was at some point an acquaintance of Thalleous, despite their differences.

Bragging about his luxurious home.

This here is the greatest house in Crown Peak- most expensive too. Frankly I deserve it, after all I’ve had to deal with keeping my business going.


Becoming annoyed and wanting the conversation to end.

Yes yes! I got it. Will that be all Thalleous?

Name: Xaria

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Young adult

Personality: Serious. Devoted. Cunning. Calm and cool.

Motivations: Serve the Necrolord. Hunt down and kill Niika.

You will be paid $15

Lines: 22

Backstory: One of the most devoted Necromancers, Xaria serves the Necrolord on important missions. He came from poverty and nothingness, and is being given an opportunity for something greater.

Speaking to his superior when joining Necromancer group.

There is only one shadow, and it looms over us all. My name is Xaria, and I will gladly fight alongside you.


Criticizing a fellow Necromancer.

I knew there was something wrong about you the moment I found you! I should have let the undead kill you right then.

Name: Mr. Finch

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Elderly

Personality: Grouchy. Materialistic. Hesitant. Wary.

Motivations: Tending to his farm and his old life. Taking care of Abbigail.

You will be paid $15

Lines: 22

Backstory: A grouchy homebody, Mr. Finch is rather partial to his farm and its isolation. His greatest, and possibly only, act of charity and kindness in his life was taking Abbigail in after her parents were killed.


After avoiding returning a valuable stone to its owner.

You think I would hand it over like that? I can sell it for a lot more than what they’ll offer. *chuckles*


Annoyed at Abbigail.

Abbigail! Careful with that! Everything was fine until you came in here and messed with it.

Name: Osivian Sendaris

Species: Ardoni

Gender: Male

Age: Late adult

Personality: Stern. Strict. Thoughtful.

Motivations: Raise his daughter and sons. Make them follow the “right” path.

You will be paid $10

Lines: 11

Backstory: Osivian is the biological father of Ria and her brothers. He also adopted and raised Senn alongside the rest of his family. He is very true to the Ardoni culture and traditions.


Greeting his friend Thalleous.

Thalleous, Sendaria is your home. You are always welcome here.


Annoyed at Senn who overheard a private conversation.

Senn? This is the second time today you’ve disobeyed me.  How much did you overhear?

Name: Alec

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Late teen - young adult

Personality: Follower. Loyal. Brave. Cautious.

Motivations: Loyalty to his kingdom and Captain Kiyoshi.

You will be paid $10

Lines: 20

Backstory: Having joined the Felden guard around three years ago, Alec is relatively new yet already experienced in fighting for his kingdom. He ranked up quickly and was accepted into Kiyoshi’s personal team of soldiers.


Greeting new arrivals.

You must be Lucan! A messenger bird flew in yesterday and alerted us of your arrival.


Alerting his Captain of impending danger.

Captain! Captain Kiyoshi! Lucan just arrived at camp. Says the Necromancers are marching straight to Ferndale.

Name: Marcus

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Middle-aged

Personality: Hard-working. Fair. Simple.

Motivations: Help inmates return to society and keep out of trouble.

You will be paid $10

Lines: 16

Backstory: Marcus is the warden of the Riverstead prison. In his spare time he helps out at the local blacksmith. He is quite familiar with Lucan, as Lucan has been arrested on multiple occasions in Riverstead. He’s fair and easy on his subjects as long as their crimes weren’t severe.


Trying to convince Lucan of his assignment.

This isn’t a request, it’s an assignment. You know how things are- mines running dry, resources gettin’ scarce.


Frustrated by current conditions.

Out of stock? How can they be out?

Name: Darlene

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: Late teens

Personality: Kind. Strong. Tough.

Motivations: Tending to her horses. Helping her family around the stables.

You will be paid $10

Lines: 11

Backstory: Darlene is one of the nearest neighbors to Abbigail, living just outside the forest of Underwood. She has a stable with a few horses, which she cares to on most days. She is one of Abbigail’s few friends, although they don’t meet much.


Catching up with her friend, Abbigail.

It’s been so long since you’ve come by Abbi. Why don’t you stay for a bit- my folks are in Oakendale right now.


Calling one of your horses over.

Over here Cloud! *whistles more gently*



The following characters are all unpaid, yet no less important! Many of them have only one or two lines, or appear for a single scene. Others are recurring but still have no more than five or ten lines.

For simplicity, I have grouped similar categories together so you can audition for the entire group at once.


Ardoni Clan Members

Species: Ardoni 

Gender: Male

Age: Middle age to adult

Description: There is a clan meeting between the Ardoni at one point in the story where we see many Ardoni, some of which only have a single line here then never again. Despite their minimal dialog, some of these characters need are rather significant and continue to need a very clean and ancient voice.

Discussing tragic situation during a clan meeting.

As much as it pains me, I must concede with our previous judgement. We are too weak to attack, and we risk too much.


Rallying other Ardoni during battle.

Ardoni! Form up on me!


Species: Human or Felina

Gender: Male or Female

Age: Middle age to adult

Description: There are two or three characters who act as the official representatives for some of the Kingdoms. They're simple characters who provide a bit of exposition for the primary characters at times. Male or female voices are accepted.

Reluctant to admit the danger is real.

There have been rumors of… Necromancers, who seek to control the undead and use them as an army.


Worried and somewhat scared during a surprise attack.

Captain! We thought you were in Ferndale, what’s going on?


Species: Human or Felina

Gender: Male or Female

Age: Young adult to adult

Description: There are many characters who appear in various towns, taverns, and elsewhere who have only a single or a few lines. Male or female voices are accepted.

Looking for anyone with info on missing thieves.

Excuse me sir! We’re on the lookout for two thieves, last reported heading this way.


Annoyed at presence of local Magnorite.

One of them Magnorites is on the edge of our town. Been stirrin’ up trouble with the local folk− absolute menace I tell you, the lot of ‘em.


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